Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs For Sale

Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig - Choosing Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs

Before buying Vietnamese potbelly pigs for sale you should find out exactly what the Vietnamese potbelly pig is and the care that is involved in raising Vietnamese potbellied pigs.

The Vietnamese potbelly is a dwarf breed of pig developed in the sixties. Originally Vietnamese potbelly pigs for sale were brought into Sweden and Canada before they spread to other countries. The first Vietnamese potbelly pigs for sale in the United States become available in 1986.

The Vietnamese potbellied pig is actually considered a miniature Vietnamese potbelly when compared to the common domestic pig. Miniature Vietnamese potbelly pigs average 70 to 150 pounds when full grown and typically stand a little over three feet tall. When buying Vietnamese potbelly pigs for sale it is important to remember they aren't full grown until five years of age.

Many wonder if the Vietnamese pot belly pig makes a good pet. The Vietnamese pot belly can be an excellent pet as long as you have done your homework and are prepared for adding a pet pig to your household. Even with a miniature Vietnamese pot belly there is going to be a lot of required maintenance.

Once you have researched the care of a Vietnamese pot belly pig then you can decide if getting Vietnamese potbelly pigs for sale is right for you. So do your research and make the decision for yourself. It's not an easy answer, but with the proper research and consideration you can have a wonderful pet for years to come.

The Vietnamese potbelly pig is a truly wonderful pet that will provide you with years of enjoyment and companionship as long as you take care of them properly. Although the Vietnamese potbelly pig isn't very easy to care for it can be a simpler pet then a cat or a dog.